Non-lucrative Residence Visa (NLV)

What is The Non-Lucrative Residence Visa:

The Non-Lucrative Residence Visa in Spain is a type of visa that allows individuals to live in Spain for a period of one year or longer without the intention of engaging in any type of employment or economic activity. The visa is designed for individuals who have sufficient financial resources to support themselves while living in Spain, without the need to seek employment or generate income within the country.

How to obtain The Non-Lucrative Residence Visa:

To be eligible for the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa, applicants must meet certain requirements, such as having a certain amount of income or savings to support themselves, having valid health insurance coverage, and passing a criminal background check. The visa also requires applicants to submit various documents, including a valid passport, a medical certificate, and proof of financial means.

Once granted, the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa allows the holder to reside in Spain for a period of one year, which can be extended for an additional two years. After five years of continuous residence in Spain, it is possible to apply for permanent residency or Spanish citizenship.

It is important to note that the Non-Lucrative Residence Visa is different from other types of Spanish visas, such as work visas or student visas, which allow the holder to engage in employment or educational activities within the country.

Steps to acquire a Non-Lucrative Residence VISA in Spain:

Gather all the required documents:

You will need to gather a variety of documents, including a valid passport, proof of income, medical insurance, a police clearance certificate, and other supporting documents as required.

Fill out the visa application form:

The application form can be obtained from the Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country, or it may be available online.

Schedule an appointment:

You will need to schedule an appointment to submit your visa application and supporting documents. You may be required to attend an interview during this appointment.

Pay the visa fee:

The visa fee for a non-lucrative residence visa in Spain is currently €80.

Wait for a decision:

After you submit your application, you will need to wait for a decision from the Spanish authorities. This can take several weeks or even months.

Obtain a VISA:

If your visa application is approved, you will be issued a non-lucrative residence visa that will allow you to live in Spain for up to one year. You will need to renew your visa each year if you wish to continue living in Spain.

Apply for a residence card:

Once you arrive in Spain, you will need to apply for a residence card within 30 days. This will allow you to stay in Spain for up to two years and may be renewed for additional periods.

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